Application Process

The process of becoming an RCE missionary is simple and fast. Once you have been accepted to serve at one of our partner ministries, we request that you fill out a Mission Service Application and send it to us for review. We know that our partner school has already completed a comprehensive application process and due diligence on you as a potential staff member to serve at their institution. We therefore don’t want to be redundant by having you go through the same process twice. However, we will do the necessary background checks to ensure that you’re the appropriate person to serve at their school.

Steps for Becoming an RCE Missionary:

  • Apply to and receive a call to serve at an RCE partner ministry
  • Submit an RCE Mission Service Application (click here for application)
  • You will be provided an RCE ministry account number so that you can begin fundraising for your ministry immediately
  • RCE will complete appropriate background checks and due diligence
  • Complete all necessary new employee forms for your RCE benefits and salary
  • You’re then ready to serve with your new partner school ministry!