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Thank you for your interest in RCE International and the missionaries and ministry projects that we serve and support. This page is optimized to display most clearly in recent browsers.  Older browsers may not function properly.

The Need

As an organization, RCE International is recognized as a leader in serving the global Christian school community.  Our missionary team of over 400 educators serve in 60 schools around the world.  Given our specialized role, we face daily challenges as we care for our staff and seek to engage new missionaries to serve the children enrolled in our partner schools.

The Challenge

Will you help us?  If you have a burden for the mission of Christian education and have a passion to see young people receive solid academic training from the perspective of a biblical worldview, we hope you will consider a donation to RCE.  For your convenience, we have several funds that support our work.

  • General Missionary Staff Support
  • General Missionary Staff Care Fund
  • Staff Emergency Care Fund
  • Staff Recruitment Fund
  • Student Scholarship Fund
  • Family Resource Project

To support us you may conveniently give online:

You may also give by check through the mail:

RCE International
PO Box 4528
Wheaton, IL 60189

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that RCE International will exercise appropriate discretion and control over the use of all tax-deductible donated funds and will use them for the furtherance of RCE ministry while honoring the designation of the donor in accordance with tax-exempt laws and expectations.